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John Deere 8530 v3.0 USA Dirt
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John Deere 8530 v3.0 USA Dirt

New  in V 3.0 USA version!
- Modified outside cabin model, USA style turning signals added
- Removable front mudguards (Num 8)
- Removable rear mudguards (Num 9)
- Side worklights install (Num 7), on/off by Num 4
- Quick coupler install (Num 0)
- Full dirt washable
- New IC panel layout (new function add - fold warning signs)

V3.0 European version !

Authors: Sotillo, Bjohn14, VMV Modding, mati7766, Rysiu77, roller90, Jdfan,
Model edit by Bcbuhler
Edit: Ghost

- Animated front suspension
- Animated front wiper (working automaticly at rain)
- Animated steering and joystick
- Animated rear hydraulic
- Panel IC - Raised bonnet, folding front linkage, opening doors and rear window, folding steering column, Greenstar monitor
- Buyable twin wheels (have collision and tyre tracks)
- Weights to the rear wheels (In front weight version first press Alt + Z to choose weight position)
- Switchable front weight  (Z)
- Fully working lights and turn signals
- Speedometer and tachometer
- Sound-cabin
- Washable tires
- Minor fixes in textures
- Clean LOG
- Fixed camera positions in the cabin
- Improved use of mirrors
- Fixed physics of driving
- Tractor creates lanes

The file contains a 8530 John Deere tractor with front weight and front hydraulic
The large size of the archive is caused by a detailed model of the tractor.
Tractors were tested with selected basic machines, the lack of noticeable errors. If a machine have problem please info on PM.
Please leave on a free server module. Free to posting on other sites, but not paid servers.
I did mod for fun, do not earn on it. If post anywhere else, please remember to include the authors !

Authors: Sotillo, Bjohn14, VMV Modding, mati7766, Rysiu77, roller90, Jdfan, Bcbuhler Edit: Ghost

  • Wisfarmer
    2016-04-17 05:21
    this John Deere is a Boss i have had no issues with it its a Best ..good mod Thank you A++
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