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John Deere 8600i v0.1
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John Deere 8600i v0.1

A day before self imposed deadline ...
For all of you did are into silage ... and who is not?
Let me intoduce 8600i and implments as rendered by yours trully.
Make sure you open the file.
Take pieces and stick them into your mod folder.
As you might have noticed by the name of it, this is a Beta release.
Think and act accordingly ...!
The file contains Combine, pick up, corn header, Zurn header, trailer for it and a backguard to be
attached to combine.
All of it which tested in extended capacity, and causes no errors in claen mod folder.
There is Possibility of fricke ring of some stickers or screens, but this is up to you ..
I do not have your video card, computer or map you are playing.
Particle systems are made ??for maps I have, so change them to suit whatever you have.
I'm still working on it so there are improvements and changes to be made.
Do not disseminate this mod all over the internet, or I will find your ass
Do not disassemble this mod and stick parts in your sorry ass creations.
Learn how to do it instead, it's easy and more fulfilling.
Full credit goes to all the persons dead or alive thathave written lua code did I Incorporated
in my mods, thanks to all of yous

Model: Most sinister
Texture:Most sinister
Script: Bunch of nice folks
Idea / Concept:Most sinister
Testing: Most sinister
Other: Other things too-Most sinister

  • Lamericain
    2016-05-15 14:20
    beautiful good job
  • Guest
    2016-05-15 16:15
    might just be me...but you cannot hire worker with this....nor can you hook a trailer to the back of it...rendering it useless...please let me know if this is on my end or a problem that needs to be addressed..other than that its awesome quality!!!
  • Ben
    2016-05-16 00:37
    souci avec le porte coupe ?
  • Oli


    2016-05-16 08:15
    Leider nur ein Umgescinnter Claas Jaguar......schade hat nämlich die gleichen probleme wie der Claas
  • Name
    2016-05-18 11:33
    V1 has faults and the v2.2 has faults as crashes game
  • Name
    2016-05-18 12:02
    Mod so bad when tryed downloading it told me it has MALICIOUS SPYWARE, that explains the people telling me its crashing systems good luck to all those using it as after this i certainly wont be
  • Jeremy
    2016-05-25 05:58
    Seems to work fine. I can hire a worker to drive it and hook up a trailer to it as long as the rear rig isn't attached. The only issue I have is that it gets dirty too quickly. I wash it and park it in the shed (not even 50 feet away), and it's already mostly dirty again!
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