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John deere 8820 and 4440 V1
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John deere 8820 and 4440 V1

JD 4440 converted to fs15
- fixed mirrors
- fixed lights and blinkers
- fixed exh flap and smoke
- different front tires
- 3pt fixes and pto
- new startup and idle sounds
- other small things.
- upped the torque (might be a little high for some)
- test ai function seemed to work good.
tractor may get a little tippy when at full speed turning corner but wont flip over.
nice little tractor.
error free

JD 8820:
Full conversion done by fs2kmodding from 2013 to 2015
Dont forget to get the header
All particle systems work

uploader jdunn0119

  • Tdog55
    2016-02-24 23:35
  • Aaron
    2016-02-25 14:00
    where do i get the header at
  • Farming simulator 2015
    2016-02-25 21:41
    It down loads but does not work in the game??
  • Gord
    2016-02-26 10:58
    The 8820 file is there but no 4440 file. Where did the 4440 go?
  • Gord
    2016-02-26 11:18
    Combine works and looks good thanks for your hard work.
  • Zzzzz
    2016-02-28 01:00
    I downloaded these mods as I was looking forward to the 8820 in FS15, but after putting the file into my mods folder neither the 4440vor the 8820 showed up in my game but they show up in the mods menu 2 the games main menu as sample mods, am I missing something here or did I do something wrong or are these not drop in mods.
  • Roaster
    2016-03-02 03:35
    this looks cool heck yea
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