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John Deere 9400 Extreme Machine v1.0
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John Deere 9400 Extreme Machine v1.0

I introduce To you a massive turbo tractor created to get any job done for massive pulling to anything your lil
hearts desire. I will guarantee the Big Bud created for FS 2013 will toss its in grave when you drive this tractor.

John Deere 9400

Motor torqueScale="2500" MinRpm="4000" MaxRpm="8500" MaxBackwardSpeed="30" BrakeForce="1000

FuelCapacity 2000
FuelUsage 10

Credits: EpicPrydaMods, BBM

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  • Name
    2016-06-26 11:15
    Moron. The log.txt see sometimes.
  • Vytautas serious farmer
    2016-06-26 20:48
    why you neidedad Claas 780 with the Heavy Duty and the double circle multifructo very I will be grateful
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