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John Deere 9400 v1
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John Deere 9400 v1

Original scripts
Working lights
Lanes wheels
EpicPrydaMods, BBM

EpicPrydaMods, BBM

  • Mack (bull hauler)
    2015-02-21 11:58
    Well looks like someone is gonna get a vacation for taking tess's tractor if memory serves me right this tractor belongs to either tess or his son
  • Har_gp
    2015-02-21 16:18
    Great tractor except it lacks a 3 point hitch on the back
  • Guest
    2015-02-22 05:39
    It is Tess's, and one of the reasons he is no longer posting any mods. Would like to thank those that steal for causing one of the better mod makers to throw in the towel.
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