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John Deere 9560 RT v1
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John Deere 9560 RT v1

New John Deere 9560RT Editted. New Wider tracks and new paint. Sounds have been changed also.

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  • Weisevideos@gmail.com
    2015-09-27 15:03
    Hi,the John Deere 9560RT looks great, man. But i download the tractor, put this Truck in the Mod-file... I start the game, but i dont see the Tractor, now I unzip your Mod and I start the game again and the John Deere 9560RT wasnt in the Mod-file (modpage: Tractor) to what may be the place?
  • Jdmann
    2015-09-27 16:28
    I just downloaded it and put it in game and it shows up in the Mod page under tractors. Is anyone else having this problem let me know and I will reupload the file
  • Weisevideos@gmail.com
    2015-09-27 21:13
    Hi,thanks for the answer. Now...... I download the mod again and i dont unzip the mod, i start the game... So, its the same, i dont see the mod.
  • Jdmann
    2015-09-27 21:51
    Hmmmmmmm you should not be having that problem. The mod does not need to be unpacked. I used WINrar to zip the files up. I'm at a loss as too why you can't see it in game
  • Seriousmods
    2015-09-29 06:58
    this is for 15 ya douche. try playing the right game or show us your log. maybe do some research on your own like i do.
  • Weisevideos@gmail.com
    2015-09-29 18:57
    Hi,now, i dwonload the John Deere 6x... I open the log, also I dont saw any files. to what maybe the place?????I put the Mod under LS15-Mod
  • Jdmann
    2015-09-30 20:23
    You don't have to open the files. Just put the whole Rar file in your mods folder
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