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John Deere 9560r pack v1
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John Deere 9560r pack v1

This is a pack of 2 tractor on 9560r and one 9560r quad track. The dual wheel is Row crop the tractors are american style no euro stuff.

Model: Zolee11, TT-Modding, Balogh2003, JohnDeere6920, Giants, vasilis, pfreek, schlueterfan1977, BBM, modelleicher
Textur: TT-Modding, AGO, BBM, JohnDeere6920, Pfreek, donkey

  • Farmboy002
    2015-04-07 17:25
    Works really good. And I did not find any errors or warnings in my log file...
  • Cash cropper
    2015-04-08 04:04
    yah it doesnt work doesnt show up in store
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