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John Deere 9560RT v1.0
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John Deere 9560RT v1.0

This is my John Deere 9560RT BETA.
BETA VERSION, no finnish.


  • Lone star customs
    2015-10-27 21:44
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    so, is this the real thing, also neither SRS mods or Lindberg have anything to do with it, it was AGO and Rafzar, same for the CAT lindberg quotes "he made all by his lonesome".
  • Lone star customs
    2015-10-27 21:51
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    but the DB120 & DB60 would be nice if u hack lindwergs PC
  • Jens
    2015-10-27 22:10
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    or the cat challenger
  • Lonse starcustoms
    2015-10-27 23:14
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    lol, are you mental? and good luck getting joe's cat and planters, better off buying a lottery ticket if you are that lucky
  • Guest
    2015-10-27 23:47
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    i'm starting to agree with these modders and editors who are keeping more and more private. the respect given to these people who devote there own personal time making mods so we can all have added fun is just not there. my vote, shut down modhub and Joe Lindberg, SeriousMods, Rafael, Julian and the like should keep all there mods to themselves and there select friends. this community is so unappreciative.
  • Name
    2015-10-28 01:50
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    no i didnt give it to bubba he wanted it, but never got it, not sure who gave it
  • Nastyjack
    2015-10-28 04:18
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    The FS community truly is one of the nastiest I have ever seen. You guys make the World of Tanks community look friendly an mature! Also what is the point in stealing an unfinished mod? Its not even in a usable state, the 3point is not finished.
  • Nameless
    2015-10-28 04:27
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    oh it's in very usable condition. there are only a few minor tweaks that need to be done to perfect it but it's very usable. a beta mod it is not, it's far past that.
  • Mr


    2015-10-28 13:44
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    Actually I have to agree with Joe and the others when this is now out, i mean i think Joe is the one who should release it, not someone who just got it from him... No, stop with this BS, that's not OK!
  • Modding lover
    2015-10-28 16:49
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    Do you have other mod like chisel??? Your friends is a very good modder !!!
  • Crazynate
    2015-10-28 20:37
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    i really do thank the guys who take time to upload there mods that they release on here. i dont have the time to mod my boy like playing with only one color of tractor which is green and he wants to see daily if they post any new john deere mods on here. so thanks to the few people who post those onto here.
  • Name
    2015-10-29 03:55
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    i think its great a great mod to play with and I thank you for uploading I don't know or care who it belongs to but it a good mod and this guy gives it to use and is not greedy and keep it all locked up to him or her self.
  • Ringovik
    2015-10-29 08:17
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    Thank you for this great mod,keep up the good work
  • Bt


    2015-10-29 12:51
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    It shows up all white.
  • Greedy?
    2015-10-29 13:56
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    wait, it's greedy for someone who took there personal time away from there family, friends or some other activity they could be doing to make a mod for there enjoyment of the game and not share it with everyone else? wow. i didn't know we all were entitled to every mod out there.
  • Growupkids
    2015-10-29 18:58
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    Kids GROW UP its a game either like the mod or dont , it dont matter where it came from or if someone stole it as its a GAME not real life so either download and enjoy or dont am sick fed up hearing about all you selfish humin beings that cant enjoy the game for what it is , if you didnt make it DONT judge others we all no its not joes he just added his name to it because he used it now STOP your stupid arguments and enjoy
  • Hackrott__farms instagram
    2015-10-29 23:13
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    This is the exact reason modders keep there stuff private.And seriously? A real person that made that mod would have an actual account and not a "Guest" account.
  • Fly on wall
    2015-10-30 01:14
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    its green.....its useless
  • More
    2015-10-30 01:58
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    UPLOAD MORE PLZ I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Name
    2015-10-30 21:26
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    ohhhh my god really all this over a mod I would hate to see what all you haters would do or say over something that matters .
  • Punisher
    2015-10-31 00:42
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    Love this machine, BEST tracked tractor ive used for the game! Handles great. Thanks for sharing.
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    THE PLANTER PLZ!!!!!!!
  • Never
    2015-10-31 02:41
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    we will never see the planter released because the truth is the planter is not his. it belongs to a guy named Tess from unlimited modding. this tractor actually belongs to Rafael. NONE of the large mods joe has have been built from the ground up by him. they are all his edits of others work, primarily Rafael's.
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