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John Deere DB90 beta
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John Deere DB90 beta

Here is the db 90 planter. I had the model in my online store and someone that bought leaked a pretty bad copy a while back so i had NAFEM do a proper ingame. turned out pretty nice. Note this planter has been setup for central Illinois style planting. you are welcome to change to fit your needs for yourself.

Precision planting Vset, Vdrive, clean sweep
Martin row cleaners
in furrow starter Fertilizer system
800 gallon john deere starter fertilizer tank

ingame features:
fertilizer application
work lights
mouse controlled front hitch (optional)
90' planting width

Model - TMZDesign
Model extras - mjdfarms, KMN modding
Textures - KMN modding
Ingame- killerrf

you are allowed to use and edit this mod for personal use only. anyone found uploading to other sites will be banned.

Model - TMZDesign
Model extras - mjdfarms, KMN modding
Textures - KMN modding
Ingame- killerrf

  • American eagles modding
    2016-08-30 00:21
    This is from our site!!
  • Lol


    2016-08-30 00:27
    shocker, more shit from AEM^^^^^^
  • Lol


    2016-08-30 00:55
    ^^see fools like you and this uploader is why the community went to shit. yall need to grow up and get a life. jeez
  • Aem ha
    2016-08-30 01:23
    HA! Really? AEM doesn't exist anymore, all the good modders left AEM long ago. And besides that, READ the GIANTS License Agreement, once a mod has been shared, it is free for all! PERIOD! Doesn't matter where you shared it, Giants owns ALL mods! PERIOD. It's in the agreement you click thru to use the EDITOR.
  • Guest
    2016-08-30 02:56
    the community went to shit because all these modders get butt hurt when their stuff is shared. you want to talk about someone growing up. these modders are the biggest baby's i've ever seen. trying to make all these "rules" or they won't release. then crying when someone doesn't follow those "rules". i'm glad for modhub who won't stand for these bullshit requests from modders who seem to think they can control the community just because they know how to mod.
  • Bad news in fs 17
    2016-08-30 06:53
    haven't y'all heard Giants is sick of all the modders keeping the mods to there self. so in fs 17 they are realising all the mods that people have built when the new Giants editor comes out for 17..how are they doing it well when u upload a mod in giants editor it goes to a sever and gets saved.. how do u think they come up with ideas
  • Kelly
    2016-08-30 07:01
    guys (((((BAD NEWS IN FS 17))))) is 100% right giants is sick of all the trouble and complaints they are getting about the people that builds mods and keeps them to there self they have had so many complaints that they had to shut the form down for awhile... (((AEM HA)))) he is right to about the agreement in giants editor...
  • Brock lesnar
    2016-08-30 07:13
    if you think all mods/maps are broken on AEMyou have no business playing FS15 and beyond!you're a idiot that probably just found the game in a theft shop and have no clue what to do so stick to your day job of flipping burgers and stop dissing a great mod site its pricks like you that force modders to go private!
  • Idiots...
    2016-08-30 07:17
    Giant's is NOT going to take people's crappy mods and release them to all. They are giving the option of a "cloud convert" of existing mods that people are working on. And the Giant's Editor TOS doesn't give "ownership" of mods to Giant's, it merely gives them the right to use your model in their game/dlc content should they like it enough to do so. To date, there hasn't been a single model made for farm sim that is worth them using in a dlc...
  • Yall butthurt
    2016-08-30 18:29
    People who don't have a membership at AEM have a new DB90...Big deal. I like AEM, most their mods are quality and I like the process they have of approving mods, so most of the stuff on there works pretty good. All this butthurt over a mod for a game. Every day we have to hear the super editors out there who think people make people go private cause stuff gets on modhub. Who gives a sh*t if someone else besides AEM members get to play with a DB90.
  • Name
    2016-08-30 21:37
    It appeared here same time as AEM if am not wrong i would say that it was meant to be by the releaser
  • Jim


    2016-08-31 02:16
    This has to be the most stupidest game ever made. Lmao and ya'll even fight over it is what gets me. Ha
  • Ben


    2016-08-31 02:22
    ^^^^ I agree with Jim 100%. Game is about as lame as it gets. I just like reading these comments cause its funny as hell reading these comments. I do the ATS and slide over here a few times just to see this stuff. LMAO
  • Guest
    2016-08-31 03:11
    ats? now there's a stupid game. how exciting to drive trucks around all day, lame.
  • Hahaha
    2016-08-31 19:04
    Have to laugh yet again as when something like this is released on another site other than AEM which is lacking good mods, the Americans come along and shout , swear and say abuse to each other, would you speak to a preist in this manner, i think not
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