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John Deere DN 345 V2
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John Deere DN 345 V2

The DN345 is capable of carrying more than 12 tons of fertilizer 90-ft spread
 Tires are suspended by a tandem-axle walking beam suspension
 The mainframe is constructed of 4-in. by 12-in. tubing and is designed to operate under full load in field speeds up to 20 mph Joe SO I KNOW THIS WILL END UP EVERYWHERE SO JUST UPLOAD WITH PROPER CREDITS, SIMPLE REQUEST. OTHERWISE ENJOY Credits: Lindbejb (LBJ Modding)

Lindbejb (LBJ Modding)

  • Lone star customs
    2015-12-29 20:45
    The actual author is Farmerboy69 / LoneTreeRidgeFarms, or Deere Creek Modding
  • Douche
    2015-12-29 21:45
    ^ ^ ^ it's the mod police out again. good try though, MAYBE (and thats a big maybe) it''ll actually make a difference :)
  • Lone star customs
    2015-12-29 23:55
    Hey, douche I'm just tryin to put the proper credits where they go
  • Junk
    2016-01-03 07:27
    looks nothing like Joe's, just hte other shitty one. stop uploading shit and start leaking the good stuff for once. no one wants shit.
  • Careless
    2016-01-03 21:34
    i never did care who made the mods. i just use good mods by whoever made them, as long as they are good and don't contain any more than basic errors that i usually can fix. that's why i don't see the fuss over credits and permission. most of us just want good mods, we don't give a shit who's name is on them or if they had permission to release.
  • Lone tree ridge farms
    2016-01-04 21:18
    Thank you Lone Star Customs. Its sad that people dont understand that if you dont give credit where credit is due people stop releasing GOOD mods.
  • Lone tree ridge farms
    2016-01-04 21:19
    I run with some friends that have the coolest and most detailed mods ive ever seen in FS but because of the Poor community standing they keep it to themselfs and release the crappier stuff. Because they didnt put as much time and effort into it. So all you naysayers who say that it doesnt matter whos name is on it. Just remember those who came before you with that attitude ruined it for all of you and your no better.
  • Lone tree ridge farms
    2016-01-04 21:21
    The American FS Community used to me GREAT! Now its a mear shadow of what it once was. Deere Creek Modding is no more. But if you are going to upload a mod. PLEASE take the time to upload the right credits. Its more of showing respect for the person or persons who took the time to make this mod.
  • Jim


    2016-01-09 05:25
    Awesome mod man. Glad to see this game coming complete. Im with you guys on this credit bullshit. You actually think I look into see who made this shit?????Nope could care less who the hell made it. Longs as its error free and looks decent....I use the shit out of it on my farm.
  • Guest
    2016-01-11 03:15
    yep i don't pay attention to who made the mod either. credits are one thing i NEVER look at before downloading or after downloading or even when i get into the xml or modDesc to edit or fix something, i rarely if ever glance at who's name is on it. mostly because i don't give a shit who made it. if it's something i want and is good i'm gonna use it no matter where it came from or how i got it or who made it.
  • Risky devil modding
    2016-03-25 05:40
    Deere Creek Modding didn't make this... Well they made the Spreader Assembly. I made the Original Model and put it up on American Eagles Modding for other to finish. The one Joe uses is and updated version of mine. I have been trying to finish it but It has been giving me errors on export.
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