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John Deere Event Trailer Skin v1
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John Deere Event Trailer Skin v1

This is a skin for the 'Fun Radio Trailer' mod posted elsewhere on this site. 

Warning that that mod has a bunch of errors and I've made no attempts to try and fix them...it loads in game and works fine for my purposes...which is to have a reasonably nice looking container trailer to pull around with my Peterbilt :)  I do suggest you load up a game and purchase the original mod to ensure it's doesn't cause you any issues. 

So the trailer has no useful function in game.  The reason I share the skin is so if others want to do the same, or to make a custom trailer for background scenery, they have this John Deere skin to use as a guide for placing logo's and lettering etc.  Maybe a mod maker will find it uselful for taking screen shots for a release announcement or something.  Anyway...it is what it is...

The John Deere purists will notice the font is wrong...I know this...I spent 20 minutes on this trailer and was not prepared to spend more just to be that accurate.  If you don't like it, change it yourself, it's easy enough to do :)

-the zip only includes a png file so you NEED TO download the Fun Radio Trailer mod to get this in game.  http://www.modhub.us/farming-simulator-2015-mods/fun-radio-trailler-zorlac-version/
-open the 'JDTrailerSkin.zip and locate the 'Krone_Jumbo.png'
-open the 'Fun Radio Trailer' zip and locate the 'tex' folder
-drag the 'Krone_Jumbo.png' and place it IN the 'tex' folder of the Fun Radio Trailer mod zip
-if prompted, click yes to overwrite (back up the original if you wish first)

I'm not uploading the mod itself, as it's not my place to do so, but I will include these credits for it which I believe to be accurate.

Trailer Nord Line Radio
Trailer FS/LS-11 by Nord Agricole Team
Import et modif by Serge44

John Deere Event Trailer skin by EZP

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