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John Deere Forestry EZ Mode
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John Deere Forestry EZ Mode

1. John Deere 8360 QuadTrac.
2. John Deere Front Loader Pack.
3. Tree Grinder "The Tree Vacuum".
4. Tree Saw. (Attaches to the front loader)
5. Claas Cargo 9500. 250,000 Capacity Loading Wagon. (Because a bonus is always nice, and return trips are annoying)

So, once everything is purchased and assembled on your rig. Goto a forested area. Manipulate the equipment into position and begin sawing trees and clearing the forest into sellable wood chips. I've been able to position everything correctly and take the stump and tree in one cut. Makes forestry less annoying and much easier.

Goto the original modders, I just bunched the packs into 1 convient download. ENJOY!!

  • G√©rdabcv
    2015-06-10 14:06
    Ok and you have autorisations? for share mods of modders?
  • Wordzz
    2015-06-11 18:42
    The tree grinder grinds the trees, but it doesn't produce wood chips; so you waste trees with no gain, unless you just like cutting them down just to cut the down.
  • Warondar
    2015-06-12 21:28
    @WordzzIt's a two phase process, where you use the 'tree grinder' by itself on the tractor to fall the trees.Then the next phase you hook up the "bruks_un_KJ_Version" chipper to the front after taking the grinder and frontloader assembly off. Hook up the trailer or any other chip trailer on the back and chip the fallen trees.
  • Name
    2015-06-13 18:59
    The tree grinder does an excellent job getting rid of stumps, but when I use it to fall a tree the entire tree and stump disappears so I end up without any fallen tree to use the chipper on. Even when I used the chipper by itself on trees I didn't use the grinder to fall, it doesn't produce any wood chips. It "sucks" the logs up, but nothing comes out and my load capacity remains at zero.
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