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John Deere HX15 V3.2
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John Deere HX15 V3.2

John Deere HX15 mower. Mouse controls on hitch.  right mouse button and move up and down.  Works beautifully and keeps the yard clean.

a modder

  • Vernon
    2016-10-26 20:27
    from watching the video it only works in reverse lol
  • Jeff
    2016-10-27 22:08
    I used it last night and it worked in forward on the map I'm playing.
  • Dom


    2018-02-12 23:57
    I can't seem to get it to work anymore. I have downloaded this one, and I know how to install it, it doesn't appear anywhere in the shop. I removed the original one hoping this one would go in it's place.
  • Dom


    2018-10-10 03:31
    Is there a way to find the original file? I mistakenly deleted it.
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