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John Deere Pack Edit by FS-TV V0.8 (Fixed)
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John Deere Pack Edit by FS-TV V0.8 (Fixed)


1. allmost ideal size with real tractors
2. all functions controled from IC: double wheels, trailers capacity, lights
3. speed: 7290r - 50 km/h // 8370r - 50km/h // 8370r with weight - 61 km/h
4. all turning and warning lights working

1. 7290r not trembling anymore
2. 8370r has wider tires
3. all tractors are more stable
4. more realistic inside camera position

Created by: AgroSketch Team || Modified by: FS-TV and Alexandr Meshkov

  • Catdaddy
    2015-09-15 18:55
    I'd use if I didn't have to look at those letters on the cowl all the time.
  • Punisher
    2015-09-15 18:58
    Will look better once edited to remove that "FS" on the side.
  • Yarfstv
    2015-09-15 20:25
    Reload The mod. Now without labels
  • Yarfstv
    2015-09-15 20:31
    but reload from Yadi.sk Only there is new version without labels
  • Cummins011
    2015-09-17 06:36
    Some one take off the FSTV stuff please?
  • Yarfstv
    2015-09-17 18:52
    allready taked off. reupload from the second link
  • Pnwfarmer
    2015-09-18 03:24
    one problem: yadi.sk doesn't work
  • Agrosketch a.s.
    2015-09-19 09:16
    Hi, I would be happy if there was stated mod whom it belongs. Since this mod is the work AgroSketch Inc. I would like to enroll. Otherwise, our progress will continue again, we were waiting for a new script IC which can operate more functions ... Peterman26 (AgroSketch as)
  • Name
    2015-09-19 17:02
    Does anyone notice the 8370r sliding around while you're driving it?
  • Yarfstv
    2015-09-19 17:19
    ROFL! I add authors of the pack but noone post it!
  • Lousinglar
    2015-09-20 15:41
    hello Error server :d:/servers/service6847/home/games/FarmingSimulator15//mods//jd_pack_edit_FSTV_2/JohnDeere_7290R.i3d (642.13 ms)Error: Running LUA method 'packetReceived'.D:/code/lsim2015/build/finalbin/dataS/scripts/vehicles/specializations/SteerableToggleLightEvent.lua(33) : attempt to index field 'object' (a nil value)
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