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John Deere Planters Pack
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John Deere Planters Pack

John Deere Planters Pack

This is a pack of planters including the John Deere 1770, and the John Deere 1770NT CCS.
The planters where made to flex, added wheel animations, and edited by me.

John Deere 1770,
Abel Modding for the original model and scripting
James Brandt for the wheel animations
Justin Bartsch for the flex, and finding that elusive bad collision.

John Deere 1770NT CCS
Abel Modding for the original model and scripting
XYZSpain for the seed tanks
FarmBozza/ Alberto Bartchechem for the seed boxes
James Brandt for the wheel animations and putting it all together
Justin Bartsch for the flex, and finding that elusive bad collision

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  • Guest
    2016-06-12 00:04
    Now these look like a couple of swell mods, nicely done, thanks for sharing....
  • Legos
    2016-06-12 01:43
    im all about legos but they dont belong in fs
  • Jeff
    2016-06-12 04:41
    Awesome mod! Finally, a planter that ISN'T a reskin. It even has Deere row units. Keep up the great work.
  • Jeff
    2016-06-12 04:46
    One small suggestion for an up grade. I think the real planters have a hitch that connects to the tractor's rear hydraulic arms.
  • Jim


    2016-06-12 05:51
    Very nice job on these my friend. Finally someone knows what there doing and puts out good mod. I'm not a American but I really like your planters. Cheers my friend!!!
  • Jeremy
    2016-06-12 08:28
    Functionally, the best JD planters to date, although both appear functionally identical in game. There should be differences between the two. I'd also like to see more info on the shop screen: required horsepower, crop types, seed tank capacity, and working width.
  • Cody
    2016-06-12 08:52
    Excellent work!!!!!
  • ....
    2016-06-12 09:44
    to many warnings still needs a little work fruit types needs to be worked on but thats a really good mod tho both of them good work
  • Jd


    2016-06-12 14:18
    release the dually
  • Name
    2016-06-12 14:35
    Very slow operations
  • Jamesb
    2016-06-12 18:57
    @Legos, You obviously have never been on a farm, you will find a lot of equiptment that is pieced together from other equiptment. Kinze manufacturing started by welding tool bars together and mounting JD row units on them. There are hundreds of other farm manufacturers that started the same way. What you wont find on a farm is disrespectful little shits who's only contributions are insults.
  • James
    2016-06-12 19:24
    Its a game not real life james so what you wont find on farms is you moaning about mods that clearly needs to be updated to a v2 as its so slow i made a coffee in th e time it unfolded
  • Jamesb
    2016-06-12 20:16
    It takes 31 seconds to unfold, good luck finding one to do it faster in real life. If you want it faster, it is very simple if you have a brain.
  • Memyselfandei
    2016-06-12 20:46
    a very nice seeder, BUT there remain not sowed sections.The field is moved from right to left created everything ok, from the other direction r sections which are not sown. The field is therefore not completely sown.it looks as if the seeds are incorporated not deep enough.Can this be fixed please? thx
  • Bear19801
    2016-06-12 23:51
    very nice set of planters thanks for sharing
  • Donald
    2016-06-13 01:00
    Ya I have the same problem north south planting they look like they are leaving a bar code on the field, very spotty planting, East west they plant fine.
  • Manuel
    2016-06-13 13:06
    I find on everyday seeders on real farm as james puts it a seeder seeds in both directions perfectly and dont miss bits like a patchwork quilt , so if its such a perfect mod as you put it why you got this issue of missing plus few more pics would of been nice showing us you used it and not just hitched it up
  • Tom


    2016-06-13 13:13
    I downloaded , played , wasnt impressed, so now its being edited further for my use.
  • Works fine 4 me
    2016-06-13 15:23
    works fine more 4, complainers will complain, haters will hate, after that, these two finally fix ALL the previous issues and finally deserve a spot in my barns. Kudos!
  • Jamesb
    2016-06-13 17:39
    I never had problems with skipped areas, I know that the skipping is and easy fix. I usually provide excellent support, but since you are asses, figure it out genius! You are smart enough to make jackass comments so fixing such a minor problem should be simple. Good Luck!
  • Memyselfandei
    2016-06-13 21:32
    btw you CANT fix it there for you dont fix it MUHAHAHAHAHA
  • Russell bannister
    2016-06-13 23:35
    I had the spotty planting, too, so I'll try planting the fields in a different direction. Overall, I have to say these planters are good. Nice work @JAMESB
  • Jd


    2016-06-14 07:39
    made an update and release again plz
  • James
    2016-06-14 20:47
    For those that do edit the fix is easy , for those that dont shouldnt have to face heartache there should be a v1.2 posted as a fixed version but it seems those that made it cant find it which says its a mod to bypass and use another
  • Mb


    2016-06-15 00:10
    It is true I live on a farm and most implements are not as they came. So stop whining about things you don't see coming out of the dealership.
  • Name
    2016-06-15 13:15
  • Jeremy
    2016-06-16 05:21
    To fix the problem with skipped areas, you need to edit the JD1770.xml file using Notepad. Look for the line that says "Speed Limit Value" and change that to 10. You will end up planting at a slower speed, but you won't skip any areas.
  • Name
    2016-06-16 14:38
    I can plant at 20mph no miss bits , how i hear you ask, go into GE change couple little things no more skipping and still seed happy at a quicker speed
  • Name
    2016-06-17 15:46
    Happy days lol http://www.modhub.us/farming-simulator-2015-mods/john-deere-planter-pack-edited-wolf-edition/
  • Name5
    2016-06-17 16:06
    update and release again
  • Bigfarmer
    2016-06-20 04:07
    I downloaded these and tried to use them. Once they are full of seeds they can't be moved. I tried with a 1000 hp tractor and nothing. As they are being filled you can see them lowering into the ground. Has this been fixed????
  • Farmboy102
    2016-06-21 04:11
    Hi, could anyone tell me how to connect this. It won't connect to any of my tractors and it doesn't even show up in my equipment list. Also when I try to purchase it freezes the item purchasing screen and I have to press escape to get out of it. Thanks,
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