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John Deere Plow 1200
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John Deere Plow 1200

John Deere Plow 1200
By Reaper9111

Here's the John Deere Plow 1200, a retexture of the original model Diamond 12.
The number 1200 is purely fantasy for those like me, who are JD fans and want a least one JD machinery of all type.
- Become dirty
- Log is clean

I would like to keep this mod exclusive to American Eagle Modding, but I know it won't happen, So all I ask is that you credit me Reaper9111 for my work.
Have fun with the mod.


  • Maiklfox
    2014-12-19 22:29
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    Machine washable or not?What length of the device?write more information please
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