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John Deere Repair Truck v3.0
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John Deere Repair Truck v3.0

This John Deere Service truck can repaire other vehicules near him.
Work with the Damage and Rapair mod.
This vehicule is also with the passenger Script
This truck can refuel any other vehicules. Truck have 2 visual option: key "N" and "M".
The "Z" key is used to repair vehicule.
Have fun :)

Model: Reaper9111=JDServiceTruckSetup/Mashup, OriginalFordModel=BigCoutry, OtherModel=Rambow145
Script: Repair = rafftnix Passanger = JoXXer Script add in mod by telhos80

  • Donnie
    2016-03-13 15:27 Send message
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    need to make it gets dirty
  • Michael
    2016-03-13 15:51 Send message
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    can you make the hoist move on the truck
  • Dj6310
    2016-03-13 20:26 Send message
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    dit moi peux tu faire une vertion speciele pompier
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