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John Deere S680 v1.0 beta
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John Deere S680 v1.0 beta

Hi all, I find myself busy: because with work in real life, and I'm not spending no time at all to modding I Decided to post the John Deere S680 dual wheel in his version demo, to add some more variety to harvest in the version 15 of farming, this mod is very basic functions has only Provides the game engine without any script, as not finished has minor bugs, but not difficult the game, in this version hasnt been added washable function,: because even I have not and set to work on the textures.
In spite of all I hope you enjoy greeting Julian11
Please keep this Description and Link!

Model , texture , Ingame Julian11
JD 640FD Nodel RafaZR

  • Richard
    2014-12-23 00:21
    the straw drop thing, it comes out of no where, but that is the only flaw. other then that its a pretty good mod and by the way the thing is huge and it is dual wheeled in the front.
  • Ryan
    2015-03-06 02:50
    Love it, great job
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