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John Deere s690i Beta v1.0
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John Deere s690i Beta v1.0

Model: Julian11 (BIG BOSS modding)
Improving model SiiD
Model window: Vnsfdg2
fillVolume: Lookee86
Models radio: Most Sinister
Programming: SiiD, Lookee86, Julian11

paypal addres: [email protected]

beta 1.0
- Dirty
- Passenger
- Powerful animated hud
- Expanded panel IC
- Settings mirrors
- Opening the flap door
- Oil change
- Quick menu
- Camera Control
- Wipers
- Registering a vehicle
- Copy of land by caterpillars
- Interior lighting
- Tank capacity 14100 L
- Version on wheels and on tracks
- The sound and roosters are switched on at 80% full tank
- Greenstar

prohibition of editing and changes download link


  • Krema
    2016-08-02 23:57
    super bien réaliser pour une bêta un tout grand merci
  • Snowman
    2016-08-03 08:31
    Very beautiful mod a perfect work of art
  • Chris miami
    2016-08-03 15:23
    great mod, but please change the cam to normal, its annoying to play with in the long run
  • Dennis jørgensen
    2016-08-03 16:00
    perfect, but agree on the cam, remove & rebuild the cam please
  • Kkkkk
    2016-08-03 16:58
    w srodku jak przelocze kamere to czarny ekran sie robi ale dziala gra jak naprawic moda
  • Dennis jørgensen
    2016-08-03 17:27
    @KKKKK how do you change cam ? Ty
  • Name
    2016-08-04 11:03
    Best combine ever!!!! Great job.
  • Jim


    2016-08-04 20:47
    Best Combine ever made. Excellent job on this.
  • Jaapa
    2016-08-05 04:24
    Remove the script "Manual Unloading", I can not do the download while playing with courseplay as use the map Sherwood Park . If you can not remove, guide me to disable the mod , please.
  • Jaapa
    2016-08-05 04:25
  • Insert name
    2016-08-05 15:35
    manual unloading has nothing to do with whether courseplay works or not. i use an actually mod manual unloading and courseplay functions PERFECTLY on any map, any time. must be the map Sherwood Park is not done correctly.
  • Tmwnn
    2016-08-06 01:12
    @INSERT NAME: The version of the script this combine uses for the "manual unloading" will NEVER function with courseplay, it's got NOTHING to do with the map, as there is NO MAP EVER CREATED that this combine will unload using courseplay. Have I made that clear enough for you, or do I need to explain the lua code to you?
  • Polack01
    2016-08-07 09:58
    salut et super travail !!! Mais pourrais-tu modifier la caméra extérieure pour avoir une vue de plus loin ! Merci encore ! salvation and great job !!! But can you change the external camera for a view of further! Thanks again ! POLACK01
  • Benjamin
    2016-08-24 17:35
    Coarseplay issues lol, ive yet to find a issue while using coarseplay not one mod affects it
  • Cody
    2016-09-04 23:25
    inside cab camera does not work is a black screen
  • Silviu1993
    2018-01-12 14:30
    mod video here, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9SYvgCL7RQY
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