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John Deere S690i v1.0
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John Deere S690i v1.0

- Dirty
- Passenger
- Powerful animated hud
- Expanded panel IC
- Settings mirrors
- Opening the flap door
- Oil change
- Quick menu
- Camera Control
- Wipers
- Registering a vehicle
- Copy of land by caterpillars
- Interior lighting
- Tank capacity 14100 L
- Version on wheels and on tracks
- The sound and roosters are switched on at 80% full tank
- Greenstar


  • Jeff
    2016-09-13 07:50
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    Nice mod! An American version would be greatly appreciated.
  • Stupid twat
    2016-09-13 15:28
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    Oh look its siids combine nothing different just this jbk claiming another mod as his when clearly its not hes steals all mods released that seams to be getting big download numbers stupid twat RESPECT FOR MODDERS
  • Guest
    2016-09-13 19:57
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    i think we have more than enough of some of the same mods on here. and thats all they are. the exact same mods just different people taking credit for them. i have a question for people like this jbk. do you really think you are impressive by stealing mods? modders have nice skills and are greatly appreciated for this game but they aren't life gods. so you can mod or edit. pat on the back. so those who impersonate modders aren't really impressing people.
  • Zzzzz
    2016-09-14 02:33
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    GUEST ill agree with you there are way too many version s of the same mod here especially this one particular too many folks make one small change/edit or several edits & claim it as their own when its mostly likely stolen pirated. but I agree
  • Gator
    2016-09-14 03:00
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    GUEST i I agree . But more of the same is on the way with FS17 . Same mods from FS11, FS13 and FS15 will be in FS17 . To bad giants can't build a new game .
  • Warondar
    2016-09-15 02:52
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    Nowadays, everyone is a respected professional modder with tons of copyright orders filed for their hard work. I don't know if I could afford or deal with all those professional corporate licencing agreements for the applications and software I'd use to make the mods I claim copyright on. Also, having to pay royalties to Giants for making money using pay to download sites for my creations would be tough.Yep, sure wouldn't want to be a real modder today.
  • Zzzzz
    2016-10-08 00:14
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    freaking sweet machine, got this one yesterday & love it, how many hours of run/harvest time before an oil change, id like to see more oil change mods for FS15.
  • Silviu1993
    2018-01-12 14:30
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    mod video here, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9SYvgCL7RQY
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