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John Deere W260 with 995 Rotary Cutter v1
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John Deere W260 with 995 Rotary Cutter v1

Here is a nice windrow for y'all.
Works error free.

John Deereā„¢ (copyright, the original designer)
Polygonish (3D model)
Steenkamp Modding (in-gaming)

  • Vernon
    2016-10-27 22:35
    what does that video have to do with the rotart cutter in the pics and the mod advertised besides nothing
  • Wayne
    2016-10-28 02:04
    Can you make a version for farm sim 2017 of the John Deere W260 with 995 Rotary Cutter v1 I've been looking for this machine for some time. thanks.
  • Warondar
    2016-10-28 15:28
    @VernonSeems to a rampant issue here at Modhub.us. People are using the video upload option for mods at HodHub.us to post videos from their channel, or to advertise stuff that we don't care about. Frankly, Modhub.us should crack down a lot harder on these morons.
  • Zzzzz
    2016-10-28 21:50
    OMG what freaking sweet machine, i love it, best windrower for FS15 so far, hope this one makes it over to FS17, just wish it has as rear attacher (hitch) to haul the cutter on a small header on a small header trailer 7 for a recovery point if stuck.
  • Wayne
    2016-10-31 02:15
    Can someone please add this to farm sim 2017, very cool mod a must have for farm sim 2017.Thanks.
  • Eliminator
    2016-11-15 02:46
    good mod, high torq, wish it had a wider platform /mowerdeck
  • Ramman1235
    2017-01-31 00:53
    I wish I could get it in my game. I have downloaded it several times but for some reason it wont go in my mods, I have had this prob before but I want this really bad.
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