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John deere windrower 450 V1.0
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John deere windrower 450 V1.0

This is a john deere 450 windrower from fs13 converted to fs15. a few texture issues but does not cause any issues while playing. lights work cutter works. have fun.

converted by regularguy. original credits to Nickel77

  • Ich


    2015-10-25 16:12 Send message
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    cooler Mod, wat iss a Map
  • Guest
    2015-10-25 16:25 Send message
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    stupid kiddie shit
  •  guest
    2015-10-25 16:29 Send message
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    to guest dont download then moron
  • Erpilas
    2015-10-25 17:24 Send message
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    mod interesante...tiene errores, corrige los errores, gracias....
  • Redneck farmer
    2015-10-25 17:40 Send message
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    Cool mod, but it still cuts grass even when the disc header is in the lifted position, not sure if it's suppose to be that way or not.
  • Matt
    2015-10-25 20:23 Send message
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    Tried to download it but it did not show up in game. Any tips would be appreciated, thanks.
  • Name
    2015-10-25 20:32 Send message
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  • Regularguy
    2015-10-25 22:03 Send message
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    there are 2 files name one is windrower and one is cutter. maybe download both before saying no cutter. the texture errors i know about but i dont know how to fix if someone knows they can fix and put up for download. i will try correct the lift position that it still cuts and hopefully get it error free.
  • Lesklatt31
    2015-10-26 00:24 Send message
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    thanks regularguy for the tip for the cutter
  • Punisher
    2015-10-26 03:05 Send message
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    This doesn't not work right, leaves lots of gaps, which means loss of grass / product. Still need alot of work. Nice try tho.
  • Marshall
    2015-10-26 22:46 Send message
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  • Farmmechanic
    2015-10-27 03:26 Send message
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    Nice lookin windrower drives good. The Cutter bar continueing to cut after raising it can be annoying but can be managed ive been wanting one of these in FS15 for awhile now the only issue that i have with it is the head is to big the real machines can only handle a 4.8 meter head or smaller if someone out there could build a smaller head for it this would be an awesome mod to FS15
  • Kp


    2015-10-27 05:15 Send message
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    Where in the store is it located? PLEASE HELP. this mod looks so great!
  • Ssss
    2015-10-27 19:32 Send message
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    yeah no cutter, I downloaded it because I needed a windrower for FS15 & though this one had the large cutter in the pic with it.
  • Punisher
    2015-10-28 19:57 Send message
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    Do you people not realize there are 2 downloads, the cutter is in one of them. Download both files. Smh.
  • Knijster
    2015-11-25 13:36 Send message
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  • Zzzzz
    2016-02-29 21:08 Send message
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    I got both mods working ingame now, I just realized the cutter was in the 2nd link but this machine still has issues, the header still cuts even in the fully raised position & it skips patches of grass so there's actually a lot of hay lost in the process & on a similar issue, it cuts large swaths but leaves no windrows what's up with that.
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