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JohnDeere 4730 Sprayer v1.1
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JohnDeere 4730 Sprayer v1.1

Moin her malingerers,
So I imagine you here before my competitors product for Amazone Pantera :)
The green frog names JohnDeere 4730 sprayer has a load capacity of 7500 liters and can fertilize a width of 40 meters.
He better get no helper but co-steering axles around curves
The purchase price is € 245,000 and cost you € 245 a day.
He gets dirty on the arms and thus there washable.
The complete lighting technique works (at least for me).
Oh the boom can be via mouse the height change.
(Mod can not be changed without my permission let alone be re-uploaded !!!!)

Prayer = Micha04668
Kennzeichen und Feintuning = Micha04668 ( ab Version 1.1 )
Paar Anbauteile von Reaper9111 Sprüher übernommen ( Erlaubnis nicht nötig da unter seinem Mod stand das jeder ihn umbauen darf und auch wieder hochladen )

  • Farmer
    2015-03-29 00:27
    it runs out of fertilizer quick for me because I have lots of big fields
  • Farmer 2
    2015-04-02 16:33
    Just adjust the xml if you want it to hold more.. I changed it to 1400 and also added that is is full from purchase to get a free tank full ! lol
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