Farming simulator 2019 mods
JohnDeere 7920 v1.1
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JohnDeere 7920 v1.1

Version 1.1
Dealers added description

More Realistic changes / tag
by realisticpunk (with help of tutorials from Dural and Model Eicher)

StrawSpec: Templaer
DustWheels: fructor
Tryed to convert my first harvester Because I needet a Oldie with Straw toggle for my way to play. Because i didnt find any data i had to try and error. Hope i didnt fail to much.
Horn repaired!
Brake sound added.
Straw Chopper added (so it’s usefull for ChoppedStraw and SoilMod!)
DustWheels prepared (.zip has to be in “ MyGames / FS13 / mods” folder).
Have Fun with it


Modell: giants
Textur: giants
Idee / Konzept: giants
Sonstige: bsx Mods LS; realisticpunk

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