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John Deere 8530 v1 By Eagle355th
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John Deere 8530 v1 By Eagle355th

Here is a John Deere 8530 V1 Eagle355th By Eagle355th
John Deere 8530 V1 Eagle355th 620 hp Speed 35 mph
Fuel compacity 1250 It will use fuel And is Washable!
Price $175,000.00  Has power to Pull and go any where!
There will be a Pack I will be uploading later on!
Have Fun Enjoy! There is more to come!
If you do not like the mod after checking it out
then just delete it out of your mods folder.
Unpack open the mods zip folder then copy all into your mods folder.
C:\Users\.\Documents\my games\FarmingSimulator2015\mods.Have fun!!!
Credits:By Eagle355th


  • Eagle355th
    2016-10-14 03:16
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    I am redoing this mod and some other's to look more real. Also changing the specs on this one and some others. I will upload them tonight or tomorrow! Having a problem making some of them washable. One is missing xml so I'm confused on that part any ideas let me know. What do you want?
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