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K5 blazer truck v1.0
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K5 blazer truck v1.0

its lifted and if u can make a better version that's fine just keep us in the credits please tell me on my youtube first garymidcap is my youtube please tell me and make it bad ass.

me and my friend

  • Zzzzz
    2016-04-10 00:20
    junk total junk, 2 steering wheels the farmer sits too low in the cab & it looks nothing like its store pic, now if it did look like the one in the store pic it would be spot on, but I'd say this one is an epic fail of a mod.
  • Gord
    2016-04-10 01:47
    ZZZZZ Like it says in the description, feel free to make it better. If you can't, why pile on. Just keep scrolling on.
  • Rocko
    2016-04-10 04:31
    Hey ZZZ I would like to see what your mod looks like you jack hole
  • Blacky
    2016-04-10 11:09
    mod doesn't work it don't show up in the game make it a rar file instead zip files don't work for my computer but awesome truck mod though
  • My mod
    2016-04-10 18:36
    thanks fro liking my mod but u zzz its supose to be a mud truck
  • My mod
    2016-04-10 18:38
    thanks for liking my mod but u zzz its supose to be a mud truck
  • Daniel
    2016-04-12 04:36
    not enough realism
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