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Kansas Nebraska Boarders 1.0
1 2 0 1947

Kansas Nebraska Boarders 1.0

This is my very first public/map very built i took the time today to upload it so heres there map and hope you guys enjoy it as much as i did back in the days

Model: Jordan Devault
Texture: Jordan Devault
Aditional Fruit Type:Jakob Tischler
Testing: 4440 Modding/Mapping- Jordan Devault
Buildings: Lindbejb Modding

  • Slim9380
    2016-05-04 01:53
    fields 1&2 need to be purchased all others are fine. However there is no place to purchase those fields.
  • Name
    2016-09-06 03:30
    you need a helicopter to purchase them 2 fields the icons are up in the air
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