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KAWECO PullBox 8000H v1.0
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KAWECO PullBox 8000H v1.0

Roll band wagon with conical interior
The Dutch manufacturer Kaweco presented at Agritechnica its own roll band wagon. But the Dutch have agreed a joint venture with SGT and the system of "pull box" (profi 11/11) further developed. The roller band is screwed to the front wall. Upon discharge, the wall is drawn with the band of two hydraulic motors to the rear. What is new is the conical shape of the interior.

The following models will Kaweco offer starting next year:
Pullbox 8000 L and 8000 H: Tandem models with a loading height of 3.34 m (L) and
3.84 m (H) and a load volume of 30.75 m³ (L) and 39 m³ (H) according to DIN.

Pullbox 9800 L and 9800 H: Tridemmodelle with a loading height of 3.34 m (L) and
3.84 m (H) and a load volume of 38 m³ (L) and 48 m³ (H) according to DIN.

All new vehicles are connected with twist-locks to the chassis of Kaweco. A change of structures and the construction of trucks are made possible with it. The curb weight of the smallest tandem model is 7920 kg with chassis and weighs Tridemmodell loud Kaweco 10,800 kg.
In particular, the low versions (L) should be well suited for the transport of vegetables and tubers. A hydraulically foldable load securing is available on request.
The two hydraulic motors for emptying and the hydraulic rear wall are driven by the tractor hydraulics.
Pullbox 8000H features
- Capacity 33000 l
- Hitching hoses
- Axle suspension

Model: Smety, Angelus
Textures: Smety
In game: Smety
web: www.zdbudiskovice.nolimit.cz
facebook: www.facebook.com/groups/154443187931335/
youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/smetyj

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