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Kemper Champion3000 v1.0
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Kemper Champion3000 v1.0

The Kemper Champion 3000 forage harvester has a lot of boosters received and is ready to go for LS15.

Therefore, here are some facts:
Kemper Champion 3000 chopper attachment with feed animation LS15
- Year: 2003
- Working width: 3 meters
- Rows: 4
- Illumination: Yes
- Indicator: Yes
- Washable: Yes
- Particle system: LS15
- Move particle system: LS15
- Hinged cover bracket: Yes
- Able helper: No
- Login is error-free

The mod is not for the big maps - who runs the Kemper has time and leisure to chop his corn itself...

This mod is a mod Forbidden Team-Mod and may only offered in our partner forums.
This mod is a mod Forbidden Team-Mod and May only Offered in our partner forum.
Only with original download link / only with original download link!

Urmod: VirtualFarming/deepblue und Team
Edit Ls13: Forbidden Mods Team
Edit Ls15: Forbidden Mods Team

Dank geht an:
Thomas0815 / Unguided -Umbau und Texturierung-
Forbidden Mods Team für den Test

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