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Kenworth American dumper v1.0
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Kenworth American dumper v1.0

A Good Truck/Dump for the farm and construction.

Dont know sorry i do not take any credit

  • Redneck farmer
    2015-12-04 08:08 Send message
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    What the hell do the videos have to do with the Kenworth American Dumper, what a waste of time watching them.
  • Name
    2015-12-04 14:25 Send message
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    the same that launched before the start of the year and anpaes this video has nothing of Kenworth
  • Ogskillet
    2015-12-04 15:26 Send message
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    it wasnt me who made it some random dude put it there
  • Joe


    2015-12-08 03:37 Send message
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    Truck is great! a bit sluggish and needs its front collision fixed!!
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