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Kenworth dump V1
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Kenworth dump V1

I bring the Kenworth dump truck in the V1 version, with capacity of 80,000. listros and you can transport various products such as: wheat rape maize silage barley chaff potato sugarbeet woodchips grass_windrow barley_windrow manure forage forage_mixing cement concrete gravel sand sunflower.
This truck will be also put amimacion in tachometer speed, Revolutions and conbustible. This truck brings traction in its 10 tire as it is 6x6, that its three axes are active and has dynamic exhaust and dust in the air, leaving the coals on the roads, with plenty of drag as it has a motor 1000 HP and can reach a speed of 85 km / r, you can keep the raised dump and covered with tent.
I give the grace Neutrix by i3d tipper.


  • Bt


    2015-04-14 23:34 Send message
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    will you put download on modhub those cites have viruses and pop ups !!BE AWARE!!
  • Sigh
    2015-04-15 04:45 Send message
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    It is a shame that this mod is messed up.. the model is pretty well done.. however it slides all over the place.. it has no collision model at the front of the truck ... If you are driving and start to turn and let off the gas the truck stops turning and slides strait ahead.. The sounds are bleh as well. Again this has potential to be a good mod.. just falls short in this version.
  • Anpaes
    2015-04-15 05:08 Send message
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    hello give you the opportunity to repair and improve to be the mod nix gift
  • Steve
    2015-04-16 04:13 Send message
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    this is a very good mod i love the t800 kenworth the sliding needs fixed and maybe a hitch to hook a trailer up and will someone please make or tell me where i can find some super b grain trailers
  • Lou


    2015-04-16 17:07 Send message
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    Agree with BT. It's a good thing I have good virus protection enabled. Will not go to these sites for downloads.
  • Name
    2015-04-16 19:07 Send message
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    @ Lou and BT ...... using adblock plus helps with eliminating the false download links on those sites.
  • R9farms
    2015-04-17 02:57 Send message
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    When I try to buy this mod in the game, it tells me it can not be bought, how do I fix thisThx
  • Anpaes
    2015-04-17 05:44 Send message
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    Later I will post the version 2 that this super
  • Vben32
    2015-04-17 14:31 Send message
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    Yes finally a V2, this mod has to much potential to go to waste.
  • Guest
    2015-04-18 08:23 Send message
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    Clearly BT there hasn't been around the modding scene of any game for very long.....it is you anti-virus and/or firewall, not an actual virus....seriously, paranoid whiners should figure out some info before claiming to know...
  • Thunderhawk09
    2015-04-24 06:52 Send message
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    The Sliding Issue When Turning Is Easy fix go to the Kenworth XML file And Open in notepad find where it says min(low) brake force turn it down to 0.2 and then save as click save then confirm save your done the low Brake force was set way to high so brakes was causing the slide done fixed this in mine in like 30 seconds
  • Thunderhawk09
    2015-04-24 06:55 Send message
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    Correction I Set Mine At 0.1 And The XML File Says Man8x8.XML
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