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Kenworth manuer truck v1
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Kenworth manuer truck v1

A kenworth truck for spreading manuer on fields.

box built by dietz modding
truck converted from 18wos
scripted by giants

  • Wtf?
    2016-09-01 02:20
    Wait a minute... Someone actually made an american style truck and didn't put at least 6 rear axles on it? This has to be a mistake. Let's wait at least a day and I guarantee some wannabe modder will slap like 10 extra rear axles on this to turn this into something ULTRA-MEGA-HERCULES-FUCKIN'GAY, like every single other truck with more than 2 rear axles...
  • Charlie
    2016-09-01 03:26
    nice job,works real good on my farm. keep i up
  • Wat up bitches
    2016-09-01 03:33
    u realize you its leaked right?
  • The rock
    2016-09-01 04:09
    Jeremiah what ever his last name leaked it
  • Zzzzz
    2016-09-01 04:24
    truck works great for me, I really dig the train horn this beast has, slap a 3rd rear axle (lift axle) under it & its a job well done.
  • Yep


    2016-09-01 04:38
    Maybe its just me, but does the screen kinda shake when you go over hilly terrain? Also, the store image is a blue cab, and then in game is some nasty brown color with some hauling company lettering on the door. Its a great mod overall,but you can tell it's not the right version (leaked).
  • Dietz modding
    2016-09-01 04:56
    Hey guys, Yes it was a leaked mod, but fortunately you can go check out my Facebook page, Dietz modding and you will find the correct version with no errors or warnings, Thanks and give the page a like.
  • A


    2016-09-01 07:45
    I've never seen an author so chill on a mod where their own mod is leaked, Well played Dietz
  • Jrd cant spell
    2016-09-01 07:46
    manuer is supposed to be manure
  • Jrd


    2016-09-01 08:41
    I did not leak this truck, an ex server member did so go bitch about the spelling to him.
  • Catfish
    2016-09-01 09:46
    Yeah right JRD like that is believable... just like you Leaked my t600... and all your server members told me... DUMBASS
  • Oh No i poop my pants i like to make shit because i do not have a life..
  • Jrd sucks penis
    2016-09-01 16:13
    Jeremiah gives farming sim a bad name.. kinda like the bad taste my cock left in his mouth the other night.. fucking pussy.
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