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Kenworth T600b v1.0
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Kenworth T600b v1.0

A Beutifully created KW T600B. If I find this mod on any other website I won’t release anymore. The reason I am releasing these is to try and restore the community. Please, enjoy this mod and have fun with it.

Mosco’s Modding

  • Omg you are god
    2015-11-08 21:52
  • Confused
    2015-11-08 21:55
    Is this a beta? Did you upload the wrong file? no windows, floating tires backwards faces every where ect ect.
  • Fs2k butt lovrs
    2015-11-08 21:58
    Man, Just tak my damm money please! cAn i get more of your awsom work? it makes all others lok like carp
  • Logan johns
    2015-11-08 22:01
    Guys why are you so mean, I put alot of time and effort it this mod. Fine I won't release any more of my mods, this community its just a bunch of losers good day!
  • Mosco
    2015-11-08 22:38
    haha you guys are funny i made this mod, this shit gets old the community wont receive shit from me anymore
  • Noonecare
    2015-11-08 22:52
    mosco this isnt original, this isnt better then other versions of the same truck. idk about this d bag with the bad english and horrible grammar is on about but you see you cant tell people not to reupload. you used the giants properties and as such it isnt yours anymore . you can goto giants and read about the official rules. as for the aggregate mod collection sites, yeah they dont care, they just re upload what they find. and as you can see this isnt a community....its a cesspo
  • Seriousmods
    2015-11-09 00:40
    Lol seems to amuse me the lack of intelligence in this community. Grow up kids and find another hobby. This is mine and Joes model but hey...It is what it is
  • Heitorfs15
    2015-11-09 01:01
    no Cry
  • Sssss
    2015-11-09 03:33
    great truck indeed, I just can't figure out how the hood opens like it shows in the pic, only thing i'd like to see be changed is the engine sounds to something a bit more realistic sounding, but it is indeed a great looking KW day cab.
  • James60470
    2015-11-09 04:13
    You upload a mod without proper credits, and some screwed up faces, and then you decide to be a baby and say that everyone is being so mean? Wow, how old are you? 5?
  • Fs2k modding
    2015-11-09 04:40
    First of all this is not joes or anyones model, I personaly worked on this with mosco and it was scripted by me and mosco did the texturing so make sure you know your facts before running that little meat licker.
  • Cummins011
    2015-11-09 04:41
    I watched Logan Johns progress on this truck on facebook. Its his
  • Fs2k modding
    2015-11-09 04:43
    The reason why the hood dont open is this is a old version and not the version that opens the hood so enjoy a mod that wont be completed and the working version will remain private we knew this would happen, little kids raging and trying to get revenge caused this so hope yall enjoy.
  • Fs2k modding
    2015-11-09 04:44
    Another thing is we dont care about credit and we didnt upload this we have are own website to upload it to so use some common sence, more or less its the fact that this version wasnt done and everyone that know me and mosco is that we release everything, in fact we have the full version that the community will not receive until someone tell us who posted this.
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  • Blind man farmin
    2015-11-09 05:18
    wow its even brown like what I left in the toilet after tacobell .... but I flushed it instead of releasing it as a awesome truck mod. The hood opened on the one I did after that one too want a pic of it?
  • Fs2k modding
    2015-11-09 05:19
    Yeah i like you logan i would love to Hump you all day
  • Fs2k modding
    2015-11-09 05:25
    Now your using my name thats funny scrub kill yourself
  • Sssss
    2015-11-09 05:56
    the point I was trying to make is, its really nicely detailed mod(not like the one in the store pic though) & if a mod has a shown feature in pics such as opening hoods & such then the mod better have opening hoods & such now I've stated my opinion & i'll leave it @ that.
  • Jesuslovesyou
    2015-11-09 06:42
    Jesus loves all of you. Lets bow are heads and say a prayer... Lord forgive these people for they know no better. Lord I pray you just uplift each and everyone on here and ask for forgiveness. In Jesus name..Amen
  • Spurdarren
    2015-11-10 00:56
    Why would you post comments like these? What good does it do? If there is an actual issue with the mod why not just ask if anyone has had the same issue? Maybe make a suggestion to the modder and ask if they would take another look at it? All the terrible comments do is push modders to keep their mods private. In my opinion Farming Simulator is only as good its modding community. Sadly a few are ruining it for the rest of us. Thank you modders for the work you do share with us.
  • Fs2k modding
    2015-11-10 06:45
    This is our standard. We are saving the community but releasing shit. You are welcome. Don't all thank me at once.
  • Tinyalloy
    2015-11-10 12:39
    I know nothing about modding i haven't got into that end of it but everyone puts a lot of time and effort into these mods so i appreciate all of them, u guys put all this detail in these mods so why not put a small plaque or signature on the back with your name or team on it ?. kinda like when u buy a new car it has the dealers name on the back. that way the mod designer or maker is known, wont take long before people associate a good mod with the name i don't know just a thought.
  • Sirfrost
    2015-11-16 01:25
    *Throws wallet at screen* TAKE MY GODDAMED MONEY PLEASE!
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