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Kenworth T800 Plow Truck (CSI) v1
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Kenworth T800 Plow Truck (CSI) v1

Just a Plow truck . it pushes snow and and whatever else you need moved.

CSI Mater48
Rainbow 145

  • Heitorfs15
    2016-01-01 16:05 Send message
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    GUEST seu arrombado do caralho..... coloca o vĂ­deo de acordo com o que se trata seu pau no cu.
  • Chris
    2016-01-03 19:34 Send message
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    I cant get the plows to attach to the truck or turn the beacons on or turn the salter on need help
  • Unclesam
    2016-01-03 23:10 Send message
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    Needs a fix or update
  • Eng51ine
    2016-01-04 01:39 Send message
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    The person who uploaded this uploaded the wrong version... This is a non working version which is not scripted for the plow truck version.
  • Peterpiper
    2016-01-05 01:16 Send message
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    Yes, plow will not attach to the truck. The beacon light does work, you just have to look under the cab, where the beacon light is located?? I looked at the truck in GE, has attacher point on the plow frame but not sure how the script thing works so I can't fix it. I can attach the plow to my Dodge D250 plow truck so there is definitely something wrong with the Kenworth.
  • Eng51ine
    2016-01-05 01:20 Send message
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    Again.... This version DOES NOT WORK. I made it. I am in the middle of making a new version.
  • Csimater
    2016-03-19 11:26 Send message
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    I only uploaded it for a friend. I DO NOT OWN THIS . if it's broken , blame him . sorry guys.
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