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Kenworth T800 RT v1.0
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Kenworth T800 RT v1.0

So then we want to provide our times Kenworth T800 RT available.
Have a lot of fun with it.
Mfg Eastside

The mod can be made ??without my consent nowhere else DL.
Mod ne peut être mis nulle part sans mon approbation autrement le DL.
The Mod may nowhere be put without my approval differently DL.


  • Dizzy
    2016-09-20 23:59 Send message
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    Hey, could you plz try to make a kenworth k108? if you did i would be so happy
  • Guest
    2016-09-21 17:00 Send message
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    Not bad, but the engine sounds sick like it truck has flat tires or like a helicopter off in the distance, the chrome should be a lot brighter, not flat grey, the beacons flash blue, not orange as they look, not sure about the orange squares on the mirrors, the writing on the tires are backwards, it should have engine brakes (jakes) and a sliding fifth wheel. Maybe you should spend more time on your mods before releasing them, as people are tired of downloading crap mods.
  • @guest
    2016-09-22 04:17 Send message
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    well guest do you release mods? if you can put out better go right ahead you rude ass
  • Coldywarm
    2016-10-28 18:32 Send message
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    When you are around the truck on foot, everything is fine, but the minute I get into the truck, I have 1-3 fps, unplayable, deleted, looks good though and really like the look of it.
  • Bubba
    2018-11-14 13:53 Send message
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    So uh... My game freezes when using this mod lol.
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