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Kenworth T800 V0.96b
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Kenworth T800 V0.96b

This mod adds a Kenworth T800 to the store for purchase.

Features: Washable, Gets dirty, Dyeable, Adjustable fifth wheel, Working drop axle, Revamped interior, Revamped model, Engine brake, Worklights, Leaves tracks

Power: 510 hp
Price: 250,000
Tare Weight: ~19,584

V: 0.96b

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SpectralDodger, Fuc-D

  • Name
    2016-05-19 21:31 Send message
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  • Hittman1970
    2016-05-19 21:36 Send message
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    your video should show the truck not the video it shows. does the winch work? the video's should show that kind of stuff, just saying. not trying to be hateful or mean. so don't take it the wrong way
  • Badass farmer
    2016-05-19 21:48 Send message
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    lacks a lot of power when pulling up hills, but other wise not bad.
  • Denis
    2016-05-20 00:53 Send message
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    Opa,Ficou legal o mod eu gostei, obrigado.
  • Zzzzz
    2016-05-20 03:31 Send message
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    not a bad truck it is a little weak on power/torque for steep uphill towing, do the tow hooks on the front actually work as attachers. I'd love to see a V1.0 with a working winch & no rear fenders.
  • Hittman1970
    2016-05-20 23:10 Send message
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    truck runs fine. the only problem i am having is getting under trailers. might need to put a dump suspension on it. other than that and the winch to operate it s a awesome truck. good work!!!!!!!!!!
  • Heitorfs15
    2016-05-23 05:20 Send message
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    500HP e não tem força
  • Truckboy321
    2016-05-23 19:42 Send message
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    It lags my game up unless it is the only thing in the map.
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