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Kenworth T800 v1.0
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Kenworth T800 v1.0

This mod adds a Kenworth T800 tri-axle to the store for purchase.
Features: Washable, Gets dirty, Dyeable, Adjustable fifth wheel plate, Working drop axle, Revamped interior, Revamped model, Engine brake, Work-lights, Beacon-lights, Leaves tracks
Updates From V0.96b: Reworked a couple textures (Interior and bodywork), added some interior details, fixed mirrors so they actually can be used from in-cab view, added interior HUD (illuminated dials, animated RPM, Speedometer and Fuel gauge), added animated dash indicators for headlights, high-beams, and turn signals.

Power: 510 hp
Price: 250,000
RPM Range: 700-2500
Top Speed: 90KPH
Tare Weight: ~19,584

Version: 1.0


Spectral Dodger, Fuc-D modding.

  • Denis
    2016-05-22 19:40 Send message
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    Ola,Ficou muito melhor as modificações, eu gostei e muito obrigado pelo mod.Abraço.
  • Badass farmer
    2016-05-23 01:01 Send message
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    The beacons should be orange, not white in color. I see in the video it still has absolutely no power when pulling a load up hill. Things that people complained about with your first version 0.96, you haven't changed shit and what you have changed is all cosmetic, players are more about performance and how it works, than the damn looks .
  • Jbeard00
    2016-05-25 01:42 Send message
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    I think you've done a great job putting this together. this is currently one of my favorite trucks. It has a couple issues such as the color flickers and doesn't stay more often than not and i agree the overhead warning lights shouldn't be white but amber. I personally think the performance is fine and I want a realistic gaming experience so detail is important to me. Keep up the good work and i look forward to the next release.
  • Power please
    2016-05-31 12:19 Send message
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    I love this truck, its beautiful. I would like to see the beacons tied to the home key instead of key8, but it is woefully underpowered and incredibly overpriced. It should be listed for around 125000. I can fix that in my game, not an issue, but I am not savvy enough with modding to increase the power. You do that (power and torque) and you have one of the best truck mods out there. But it should not be dragging going uphill with an empty trailer, it should accelerate.
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