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Kenworth T908 v1.1
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Kenworth T908 v1.1

here's another mod from us the "Kenworth T908" as a tractor.
This is a reconstruction of the T908 from my timber transport pack it so here is on the DL.
The model has been reduced accordingly, and provided with a longer cabin part.
The truck is now serving as your traditional tractor.
Model runs on standard script and log free!

Some attachments have been compared with the other T908 modified or installed by the timber transport.
Lighting system was extended with additional lighting.
Engine data and driving readjusted.

In the interior are still missing a few details, for example. the instrument display, and so this is finished, eg with time.
But the mod ansich runs flawlessly.
Wishing you lots of fun with the mod!
MfG Black Beauty

BlackBeauty, Eric

  • Nzcontractor
    2015-01-26 10:10 Send message
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    this is the same as the original but doesn't the original creators signature
  • Guest
    2015-01-27 08:18 Send message
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    yea weres the original creators signature???? such a bummer when people do this
  • Pascal
    2015-02-10 13:08 Send message
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    is this version for the ets 2 ?
  • Shane
    2015-02-24 19:30 Send message
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    this mod is ok but...the engine sounds are the wierd, quiet type, not realistic. it would be cool if u could use the super.man truck sounds for this. outside though, its realistic looking.
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