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Kenworth W900 v1
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Kenworth W900 v1

Kenworth W900 Truck 750 HP.  No Rear trailer attachment. Will only pull semi trailers.

FS 13 Original Mod : JRD84/Truckshopmods
Conversion to FS15 : Catfish_John1979

  • I know
    2016-06-20 01:39 Send message
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    I know, I saw where people are asking why only supporting members are allowed to access their downloads, imagine that and the reason is because that site is trying to draw an income by charging folks for mod access which will probably be short lived....just saying
  • Name
    2016-06-20 20:40 Send message
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    Technicmods is a site where you register just like AEM theres no funny business about the site unlike AEM that wont upload mods if its going to affect joes attitude in any way because if its not what he wants it dont get uploaded call yourself grown men your a bunch of kids i would say girls but there better behaved
  • @ name
    2016-06-20 22:19 Send message
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    I can tell you this I know of no other site that charges for mod access which I can see why because it's illegal and I can guarantee it's been reported to Giants and this probably will be a short lived site or they will have free mod access just like any other site, also I know of no other sites that charge you a 5 dollar a month fee to access mods or to join a so called supporting membership....
  • Ricardo
    2016-06-20 22:29 Send message
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    Am a member of this technic mods and i see no request asking for money apart from if you feel free give a donation for the running of the site as if you looked alot of sites have nowadays and while at it johndeere modding he set up a site to sell mods do see him getting hassled
  • Bob


    2016-06-20 22:33 Send message
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    http://johndeeremodding.wix.com/johndeeremodding2015 . Site found of johndeere modding proof so
  • @ bob
    2016-06-20 22:57 Send message
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    Well this so called site can be reported also, not sure why folks believe it's ok to violate a copyright but I can say this I have no doubt Giants will handle those guilty with dire consequences....
  • Food for thought
    2016-06-20 23:24 Send message
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    There's nothing wrong taking donations on any site but when you charge a fee to be able to access mod downloads then you have stepped over the line and committed a violation, folks need to get a real job instead of trying to make money off of Giants which is illegal because all mods that can be used in the game belong to Giants and they own the copyright, so call it what you like charging for mod access is illegal and I wouldn't want to be in anyone's shoes caught doing it.
  • Correct
    2016-06-20 23:57 Send message
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    It's true this is just a game but there are even laws involved in games to protect they creator's of the game and their creations, call it a membership fee a so called request modification or Download Modification, Giants is the only one's by law that can make money off of mods so if anyone sells access to mods no matter what they call it unless they can be downloaded for free other then Giants you are breaking the law....
  • John
    2016-06-22 06:06 Send message
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    My thoughts on sites like technic mods charging a fee is. If they were creating ORIGINAL CONTENT,,, not using other base game equipment or other mods they could feel free to charge. But If your using other base game content or other peoples mods to build your models its considered freeware. Because it is not your own original design.. You want to do that buy MAYA from auto desk $185 a month or $14000 a year for a subscription. Then you can make your own mods from scratch.
  • Csx68
    2016-06-24 02:24 Send message
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    err winstons truck not converted
  • Giants
    2016-07-04 05:51 Send message
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    Hello. To whom it may concern we the team of Giants are looking in to these sites. Are Team has conducted a meeting about this and we feel no need to proceed in this case matter. There is no law states you cant sell mods.
  • Csx68
    2016-08-05 20:25 Send message
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    okey giants
  • Hahaha fail
    2016-09-02 07:38 Send message
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    LOL ^If GIANTS ever were to comment, i'm sure they would watch their grammar better than that! That sentence was constructed by a child LOL
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