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Kenworth 900B Multilif v1.1 beta
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Kenworth 900B Multilif v1.1 beta


ek error apologize for download

I ofresco the truck brand in vercion beta Kenworth900B_Multilif to utilzar with itRunnerPack.dlc mods and other fully lavalble and multicolored mas.es mods, the top speed of 100 kmh. The fuel gauge, temperature gauge, speedometer, air pressure, brake pressure, transmición bar. tabien have the option to put on and take to place a fifth wheel trailer. also it has oversize flag and signs warning Toggle third high shaft.
to make this work well has to tiener the itRunnerPack.dlc installed.
I hope you like it


  • Fred
    2016-03-30 10:04
    I can see it in store but I get this message the vehicle/implement could not be purchased please try again .....
  • Wtf


    2016-03-30 10:20
    to many errors its junk
  • Jeez
    2016-03-30 14:11
    i agree...cant do anything with this...please fix
  • Foy


    2016-03-30 14:37
    Fred i have a same message on my game :(
  • Anpaes
    2016-03-30 15:46
    to work in the game has to have the dlc itRunnerPack.dlc installed if you do not load
  • Foy


    2016-03-31 02:07
    where load itRunnerPack.dlc ????
  • David
    2016-03-31 16:37
    il y a un gros bug a se mod on ne peut pas l acheter
  • Chck3n
    2016-04-01 05:52
    Looks cool but I see in the pictures the chrome dos'nt get dirty and you an can see through the grill also to many axles really no need for 3 axles your not hauling the weight for 3 sets of duels.... other then that its nice to look at :)
  • Chck3n
    2016-04-01 05:54
  • Daniel
    2016-04-02 17:45
    in otherwords you can't use it unless you have bought the ITRunner dlc
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