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Kenworth 900B Multilif v1.1
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Kenworth 900B Multilif v1.1

I offer vercion 1.1 Kenworth900B Multilif truck with applications that use ITRunner, multicolored bar tramicion dynamic, needles tamometro, conbustuble, temperature,. three interchangeable wheels and deformed type.


  • Guest
    2016-09-23 13:15 Send message
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    ????? shows up in store and mod manager, but unable to purchase it in game. WHY?? seems there are a lot of mods being put out now before FS17 is released and a few are just junk. so from now on i will wait to read comments before downloading, as I am sick of the shit that doesn't work.
  • Fred
    2016-09-24 07:07 Send message
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    works just fine for me other then floats in air when changing rims and tires
  • Doesnt work
    2016-10-01 00:48 Send message
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    this mod was released a while ago and thought oh look a new version it might work but no same thing happens wont purchase in store
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