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Kinze 1300 Grain Cart v1.0
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Kinze 1300 Grain Cart v1.0

I'm glad to present the Kinze 1300 with tracks.
One known problem is upper auger texture.

TMZ Design (Model)
Killerff (Ingaming)
KMN Modding (AO Textures)
MJD Farms (Remodeling)
Rand0m Sparks (decals)
Rafazr (Tracks)
NAFE Modding (Misc)

Download image Provided by Rand0mSparks

Model: TMZ Design
Texture: KMN Modding
Script: Killerff
Remodeling: MJD Farms
Decals: Rand0m Sparks
Tracks: Rafazr
Misc: NAFE Modding

  • Here we go....again
    2016-06-08 23:56
    I mean, are you kidding me Thomas? AEM has a rule that says you may not upload their mods, not that hard to follow. If people want the mods then make an account, or are we too lazy to do that even? I'm off my soap box, but this is pathetic
  • people like you are why modding groups are going secret
  • Guest
    2016-06-09 01:00
    Again he only uploads others mods and places his download host on them because he gets paid for people using the host, this is why I never download anything off this pathetic site...
  • Omg


    2016-06-09 01:13
    omg a AEM says u cant upload mods to any website..sorry but AEM does not own the mod giants does...so shut the fuck up and stop your fucking crying over a dam fucking mod u bitches
  • Jim


    2016-06-09 01:18
    Ok so let me get this straight... You wont download from this site yet you make a comment on it??? Makes no sence. Get off SSI and get a JOB
  • Keegs321
    2016-06-09 01:24
    this could be of use
  • Guest
    2016-06-09 02:14
    needs new auger and body isnt very accurate but it will do. just another grain cart for the billion already out there
  • Dunno...
    2016-06-09 02:37
    It needs more work, but it's not bad for a group of beginners.
  • John cena
    2016-06-09 03:33
    to the idiot "dunno" "not bad for a group of beginners"when did you start playing this game last week?TMZ DesignKillerffKMN ModdingMJD FarmsRand0m SparksRafazr NAFE are LEGENDS to the FS community!so before you go and trash group who released this mod, GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT!
  • Jeff l
    2016-06-09 04:04
    Great mod! Could use some touch ups (i.e. fill plane adjustment) but still a great mod. I worked for Kinze Mfg for a couple years, building these and planters. Yes the body does need work especially at the corners.
  • Jeff l
    2016-06-09 04:05
    Also, could you make one with flotation and/or row crop tires?
  • Insert name here assholes
    2016-06-09 04:21
    wow what a bunch of ungrateful bastards you are. i wonder to the ones who criticize how much better they could do? lets see your work guys. also to those bitching about uploading here, you can all relax because it was uploaded by the creators to modhoster as well. so they didn't choose AEM in hopes of keeping it just there. these guys are all for sharing their work. i found NOTHING wrong with it not even the problem they mentioned
  • Guest
    2016-06-09 04:26
    OMG a rule against uploading mods from AEM? are we going to be put in jail? are we going to get fined? is it against the law? do we get sued??? hahahahahahahahah LMFAO hahahahahaha
  • Guest
    2016-06-09 05:07
    I am a member of AEM and this mod is not on there for download so I guess he didn't break any AEM rules
  • Guest
    2016-06-09 07:06
    All you idiots need to shut the fuck up. This was brought up on AEM and you know what? The authors uploaded it to modhoster, so they dont care about it being here. Stop wasting your time arguing over nothing lmfao.
  • @john cena
    2016-06-09 07:44
    You mentioned "TMZ DesignKillerffKMN ModdingMJD FarmsRand0m SparksRafazr NAFE" and called them legends? Dude, they're beginners, they're amateurs. All of them. The proof? Every single mod they ever touched. And this "kinze 1300" is totally a beginners effort, it's sub-par and shows their inexperience. I mean holy shit, they're not legends, they're barely beginners with this crap
  • Troll who hates john cena
    2016-06-09 16:03
    the team that released this mod has been playing this game longer then your 2 weeks!do your research!!!!in fact random sparks made a map, he wont release it because of TROLLS LIKE YOU!!!if you think you can do better PLEASE do so and release it !!
  • Noobs
    2016-06-09 16:19
    i think there are more 1050 parts on this than just tracks lol, fucking noobs
  • Beginners
    2016-06-09 17:00
    the people who made this mod are beginners, this mod screams beginner
  • Name
    2016-06-09 17:02
    I see the 2yr olds are out in force again
  • Loil
    2016-06-09 18:21
    i think there are alot of ppl who can do better but why release, how else would these apart noobs learn to get better???? no one is gonna hand you nice shit if you are obviously struggling hardcore to make a simple mod lololol and jacking parts from already released mods.
  • Total noobs
    2016-06-09 18:37
    The guys that made this are absolute noobs when it comes to modding. This 1300 has so many issues, and to call these guys "legends"??? The standard for "legend" has been lowered severely then... Fucksakes, keep trash like this private, the rest of us have higher standards.
  • @total noobs
    2016-06-09 19:21
    Think before you say, retard...If it went up to aem it is bug free. your ignorance is halarious. Dumb piece of shit.
  • Aem=all_error-filled_mods
    2016-06-09 20:46
    AEM is where beginners upload their crappy mods, everyone knows this. There isn't a single mod on that site worth downloading, and now their trash is spreading to other sites. Stick to AEM, loser, the rest of us have higher standards.
  • Shit
    2016-06-10 01:55
    AEM is just shit reskinned into JD lol, so sad to watch that site turn to shit but that's what happens when you rely on others with talent and have none.
  • Dear baby bitch
    2016-06-10 05:18
    lololololol i doubt they even care, they seem to be doing pretty well on their own ^^^^ obsessed fan alert^^^^
  • Name
    2016-07-06 11:07
    i like hamburgers
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