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Kinze 1500 v1.0
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Kinze 1500 v1.0

Kinze Grain Carts
1500 Bushel
1100 Bushel
Model: lindbejb (lindbejb modding)
Texture:  lindbejb (lindbejb modding)
Script: lindbejb (lindbejb modding)
Idea / Concept:  lindbejb (lindbejb modding)
Tester: lindbejb (lindbejb modding)


  • Jeff
    2016-10-24 23:30 Send message
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    I worked at Kinze building the hydraulic cylinders for these monsters. The 1500s are HUGE! Nice mod, thank you for sharing.
  • Brock lesnar
    2016-10-25 00:18 Send message
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    dude he's not sharing he's simply making it easier for the trolls that hate joe to get it !
  • Guest
    2016-10-25 19:29 Send message
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    it's a backhanded share in the first place. most have run off to FS17 and this mod is useless unless you know how to convert it. but for the record joe did release it. it was released on modhoster. he might as well have released everything else 15 since that version is old news now.
  • Jeff
    2016-10-25 19:42 Send message
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    I don't care about the trolls. I'm just happy someone is sharing. And for the record, I have nothing against Joe. I think he does great work, I wish I had half his skill.
  • Lmfao skill hahaha
    2016-10-26 00:24 Send message
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    I guess buying models is skill lol
  • Blane
    2016-11-05 17:12 Send message
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    does this work with corseplay
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