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Kinze 3800 v1.0
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Kinze 3800 v1.0

My ancient model turned to ls15 owing to 50 anniversary of the company, errors known, on having entered the game, sometimes does not place exactly in his place the components if this happens to open and to close once normally solves it (it is not necessary to hope that, to completing the cycle of opening or closing) for a better control of direction, a frontal counterweight is advisable in units small.


  • Bt


    2015-05-12 13:58
    The blue on the kinze is little off.
  • Arl


    2015-05-12 23:29
    It comes in white.... there is no color it would be an amazing mod i have been looking for a planter that works
  • Guest
    2015-05-13 00:28
    Its white for me to. The markers don't leave a trail sometimes. And if your on a hill it wants to slide down. The wheels on the planter where the row units are aren't right size. And the planter look newer if you changed tanks. Also there is something in front of the tanks idk what it is, it isn't on the ones in real life but you could put a fertilizer tank on top of that and make the hole thing fertilize. If you changed this it would make this MOD the BEST in 2015
  • Dirtroadkid92
    2015-05-13 18:47
    Great mod!!!! I wish more mods were this good!!!
  • Bryanc
    2015-05-14 01:49
    great mod needs a little more work
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