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Kirchner 3000l Liquid manure spreader v1.0
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Kirchner 3000l Liquid manure spreader v1.0

Hello, today we (unknown000, steyr modder, Domi) from the modding team STEYR you a kleibnes Liquid manure out of the house Krichner to ferfügung. Some of you will already know from the path on Facebook Community project "Alpine farming". The project comes to vehicles / equipment for small or specifically for Alpine Maps to create are also released. The project also Modding South Tyrol, Moddinggemeinschatf LS13, MrFox Modding Buzzard Agrotech, LS Pic's Huma, Rorimodding and Badrock Modding currently are next to us (STEYR Modding) here.
The Kirchner 3000l Liquid manure spreader is ideal for smaller businesses. It has a volume of 3000l content.

Animated slurry scraper
Standard lighting

A special thanks goes to:
Our colleagues unknown000 (conversion + Conversion)
Cebuljek Modding (original model Cenia Liquid manure from LS13)
Buzzard Agrotech (Tester)
Fabi from AAG (Kirchner texture LS13)
Contractor M & S (sound)

Now a lot of fun and joy with the mod

CebuljCek Modding
unknwon000 (STEYR Modding)
Domi (STEYR Modding)
Lohnunternehmen M&S
Fabi (AAG)
Buzzard Agrotech

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