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Kirchner T3060 Miststreuer v1
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Kirchner T3060 Miststreuer v1

Hello, now the time has come, the Kirchner manure spreader is ready: D At first we wanted out of the Mengele Tipper (Standart Branter Kipper from Giants), Krone Optimat from classic Lanwirtschafts DLC (Giants) and make the timber frame by Steyr 8090 a Pöttinger 4500V manure control because the model default the Oritinal very änlich sieht.
Joa as I was with my uncle, photos fürn to get Mengele Tipper, I also still photos of manure control made. On this occasion, we made from the start Pöttinger manure control, the Kirchner Manure spreader for modern farmers. :)
PS: The Pöttinger Miststreuer will also come.

BJ 2007
Installed nameplate
Net weight approx 1500 kg
Exchangeable extension sides (1x metal + 1x wood)
Filling volume without Extension sides 9000l corresponds approximately 4500kg manure (in Game)
Filling volume with Extension sides respectively 12000l corresponds approximately 6000kg manure (in Game)
Dynamic pants ready (hydraulic hoses + cables)
Charge: manure, compost

A big thanks goes to: Joe (LS Pics by Almwirt Joe) for the installation of Dynamic Hose (hydraulic hose + cable)

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STEYR Modding Team:
LS Pics by Joe Almwirt:

Have fun with this mod! Your
STEYR Modding Team
(unknown000, steyr modder, Domi, John)

Giants Software, STEYR Modding Team, Joe, BM Modding

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