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Kirschhausen agriculture in the hills v0.1 Beta
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Kirschhausen agriculture in the hills v0.1 Beta

we have now but decided to take us a little time and to finalize the map or to make at least halfway playable because the interest in her quite large to be seem. For our part, it will of course also be a final version, which of course is also done more than just bug fixing. Unfortunately we could not until now chronologically due not really rather try and wanted to sweeten the users the waiting time until the final version.

Anyway here are some facts about the map:
-2 Yards
-Small-medium fields
-detailreiche scenery
-new objects

For technical support, suggestions, etc. visit us on Facebook: https://goo.gl/DHDDTY
We would be very happy about it, until then a lot of fun with the map! :)

Mapper: Doppi,fendt44
Objekte: Buschi,Katsuo,Steffen30Muc,xXMalleXx,Macoholic,iMarwin,Fatian,Börndi,Despo,Cebuljcek....

-Wer sich hier nicht wiederfindet, und hier her gehört wird natürlich nachträglich honoriert

  • Dylan
    2015-08-16 19:23
    when are going to release the full map because right now the map and where you are don't match up and maybe some traffic would be good and at the main yard the gates to get out open but don't close but other than that i love the map. :)
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