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Knaveswell Farm v1.0.0
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Knaveswell Farm v1.0.0

Welcome to Knaveswell Farm 1.0.0. This is a small dairy farm in South UK, based in Dorset, the map is made from real terrain and was made to look (as the best I could get) to real life. The dairy farm has a capacity of 120 dairy cows, with sheep keep and chickens. The map has standard crops, wheat, barley, rape and maize.
Knaveswell has 25 workable fields ranging from many grass lands for feed to arable ground.

Map Information:
Terrain and Dirt Control
Chopped Straw

You may remove Soil Mod from your mods folder if you do not wish to use the mod!
This map is a small UK map, with plenty of detail, I do not promise people who use lower spec PC's to be getting a high frame rate!

NI Modding
Decker_MMIV (FMC Modding)

  • Colin
    2016-11-27 22:07
    is this for fs17
  • Colinkh98
    2016-11-27 22:12
  • Tyler
    2016-11-28 18:48
    it well be nice if this was n FS17 but sady its not wish it was
  • Dimitri
    2017-04-26 11:02
    je peux pas installer de mode vous pouvez faire quelque chose svp
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