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Knight 2050 Vista v2.0
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Knight 2050 Vista v2.0

Playing on Knuston all the time, I find myself trying to match the equipment in real life to in game. Knuston farm has had for little over two years now I self propelled sprayer made by Knight machinery who are based in Rutland. As a trial and not expecting myself to keep it and end up being quite happy with I took the Pantera sprayer and began changing to look as close as possible to the Knight especially as the cab is virtually the same.

The outcome was really good, so I have decided to release it even if it is just a texture change.

Functions and changes
Main diffuse texture altered to match the colours as best as can be
Altered and changed the Decals to match as well as the specular maps
All annotation correctly changed, changed the capacity to 5000L (middle of their range)
Added lit screens to the interior
Changed the colour of the wheels

Version 2.0
Using latest updated model from giants

Many texture changes over last version

Rear beacon as per RL

Please read
This mod may be altered for personnel use only, this mod may be uploaded to other sites as long as credits are given correctly.
Overall enjoy this mod, Peter.

Giants, Peter

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