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Kockerling Vector 400 v0.9 BETA
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Kockerling Vector 400 v0.9 BETA

Here for you now the Köckerling Vector 400th
This is a reconstruction of the standard Horsch 5m ...

Has been changed so far:
-length Of the side parts
-width (4m)
-Fahr- And skid performance
-Double Support wheels front
Wheels Chassis
Our suite "spade plate" -

What is even made
Adjust hydraulics to fold
-more error if present in the comments please;)
Is not even available in case the one of the hosting we have uploaded the cultivator on a second side. (File upload)
The mod should not be made ??available on other sites for download without our permission !!!

GewürzKetchupHD, Giants

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